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لدى الشركة العربية لقطع الغيار تشكيلة واسعة من اجود انواع الايطارات لكل الاحجام و السيارات و الشاحنات. و هي الوكيل الحصري لايطارات WANLI و Triangle المعروفة عالميا بجودتها و قدرتها على التحمل.

APC’s assortment embraces a wide selection of high quality tires suitable for various applications, including PCR, TBR, OTR, and industrial tires. Our products come from world class tire manufacturers such as Triangle and Wanli.

Triangle is the 14th largest tire manufacturing company in the world, distributing its products to all markets including the UK, Italy, Australia, USA, Canada, The Middle East and many more. Triangle is an OEM partner of renowned ve-hicle manufacturers Caterpillar, Volvo, and Iveco. Triangle has won many awards for its outstanding quality, namely the CAT platinum supplier awards. Triangle tires provide its users with highest long lasting performance at very competitive prices.

Our range includes:  Off Roadtyres OTR   -  Truck and Busses TBR   -   Passengers car PCR

Due to state of the art technology and full spectrums products WANLI tires are popular in international markets. WANLI is recognized as a Top Brand in the passenger tire industry, and provides tires and services to some leading international car manufacturers. WANLI is now distributed in more than one hundred countries and regions. WANLI has become one of the most influential brands of tires in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our range includes: Passengers car PCR