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Welcome to Arabian Parts Company
قطع الغيار العربية هي احد اقدم و اعرق الشركات المتخصصة في استيراد اجود انواع قطع الغيار للسيارات و الشاحنات الثقيلة في مملكة البحرين.

و تشكيلة بضائعنا تضم ايضا منتجات عالمية من الزيوت و الشحوم و البطاريات و الاطارات المعروفة عالميا. بضائعنا تضم تشكيلة واسعة من مختلف مصانع العالم كالمانيا و ايطاليا و اليابان الخ.

Arabian Parts Company (APC) is one of the leading Spare Parts providers in Bahrain and the GCC region for all type of Automobile and heavy transportation.

Arabian Parts strives to provide a world class service through the availability of a wide range internationally recognised brands to enable our customers choose from. Our services include the after sales support.

The Company was established in 1995 with a mission to serve both individual and major spare parts dealers in the region.

Our main office located in Salmabad, just on the Sh. Isa highway, provide spare parts in for the following categories:

1. Trucks and heavy Vehicles.

2. Passenger cars.

3. Tyres.

4. Batteries.

5. Oil & Lubricants.

In addition, we can manufacture special spare parts for any type of vehicles, cranes, trucks...etc.